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Nov. 12th, 2006 | 02:56 pm

my pet!

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Mark Harmon Rox My Sox

Oct. 6th, 2006 | 04:31 pm
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Mark Harmon is the most wonderful actor ever!! I mailed him a letter about my previous autograph (about pre-signing and stuff I'm a little persistent and paranoid) He wrote me back with a little sheet of paper saying how NCIS didn't pre-sign things--it was his handwriting!! Along with that was an autograph with the actors and actresses signatures!! I'm a lucky teeneager!
 The cast-signed photo! (Sorry for the rotation style.)
Mark Harmon's note!

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Sep. 20th, 2006 | 04:05 pm
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**A Boat Trip to Kate**

Pairings: Abby/Gibbs, Gibbs/Kate


Spoilers for Twilight/Season 2 Finale

Summary: A twisted dream of Abby's--does she dream of the future--or is she crazy? You decide. A little out-of-character...but still. Comments appreciated.


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Sep. 18th, 2006 | 06:30 pm
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Caution--I'm: Can't Wait Till Tomorrow Can't Wait Till Tomorrow
My Media: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IcQSKu2EOk

How to make a savi2255

5 parts competetiveness

3 parts ambition

1 part
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Serve with a slice of lustfulness and a pinch of salt. Yum!

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Sep. 9th, 2006 | 03:43 pm
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Caution--I'm: I'm insane I think... I'm insane I think...
My Media: Life Less Ordinary by Carbon Leaf

**Can't Resist**



Summary: Gibbs's thoughts about his little Katie.

Time Frame: Post-Twilight/Pre-Hiatus

A pretty little lady that was mine...and I lose her to a terrorist? My life I guess...

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Aug. 17th, 2006 | 10:08 am
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Caution--I'm: creative creative
My Media: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzZjJmV_E1E

**All Hope Isn't Lost**

~Spoilers for season 2&3~

Paring: You'll see...


Summary: After Gibbs returns, all hope is back in everyone's minds. Everyone is cheerful--too bad Kate misses out because of her death. Or--will she?

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Aug. 16th, 2006 | 01:34 pm
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All my friends are in school--I just moved. I'm new here and no one seems to like what I like-- ;O;

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NCIS FanFic One

Aug. 8th, 2006 | 07:03 pm
Where I Am: Home?!
Caution--I'm: crazy crazy
My Media: S.O.S

NCIS Fiction Story Tony/Ziva/Gibbs

Tony is hungry. He wants to go out and eat, but since Gibbs has been gone all he has been eating is Abby's scorched food. He is the only person that hasn't eaten as Ziva's place. So he decides to ask--or rather trick Ziva into inviting him over.

"Uh Ziva?" asks Tony as he picks up his work bag.
"Hmmm?" Ziva says.
"Are you hungry? Cause there's this really great BBQ place and I--", exclaims Tony.
"No, no, no Tony! That is disgusting! It doesn't qualify as food at all!" Ziva sighs, "I could cook rather than go there..."
Perfect, Tony thinks, I get real food!
"So can I come over at about 8? Or 6?" asks Tony.
"8 is fine, Tony...",says Ziva," But it's only you coming over--Abby has a date, McGee is working on his nover--"
"Novel, Ziva,"says Tony.
"Whatever--and Ducky is taking his mother to the park," says Ziva.
"Fine with me, later," yells Tony as he jumps into his rental car. He misses his z-28 Camaro that was hijacked and completely destroyed.
Ziva kicks her car--a black Hybrid that goes up to at least 120mph, suiting enough--in disbelief, "What have I done...?!"
* * * * *
Knock, Knock, Knock!

"Come in it's open!" yells Ziva.
"Smells good in here--is it---Italian food?" says Tony.
"Thought you'd like it," says Ziva as she sets his plate on the table. "Stuffed shells with a tangy marinara sauce and breadsticks and spaghetti soup."
"Mm-mmm!! Can't wait! ," says Tony.
"Let's eat!"says Ziva.
"Nice place ya got here...lot's of purple I see,"says Tony as he chews some stuffed shells.
"One of the many things I like,"says Ziva as she scans Tony with her hazel eyes.
Tony gulps down his shells and smirks,"Really?"
"Yeah...I like that actor...umm...Orlando Bloom? And that new guy at work," says Ziva.
Tony puts on a confused but interested look--kind of like a puppy.
"Ha...just kidding,Tony,"says Ziva.
"About the new guy at work I hope,"says Tony.
"I'm kidding about him too,"says Ziva.

* * * * *

"It's already 11: 36--I got a long drive home...,"says Tony.
"You can sleep on the couch if you need to--get the things out the closet while I clean these dishes,"says Ziva.
"I'll clean 'em,Sweet Cheeks,"says Tony.
"No I'll do it,my little Hairy Butt,"says Ziva.
"You rinse, I'll clean?"asks Tony.
"No, I'll clean you rinse,"says Ziva.
"Fair enough,"says Tony.
They wash the dishes--but they get all wet and soapy.
"Hahaha, I'm gonna slip into my night clothes if that's ok?" asks Ziva.
"Yeah--I'm gonna put on my extra white T,"says Tony.
Ziva slips on a white tank top and black underwear in a boy's brief style.
Tony slips on his white T-shirt and wears his red boxers--bought by his mother.
They both sit on the couch, hyper and wide-awake. They stare at each other and smile. They know they can't do "that"--it would be too fast. She quietly lays on Tony and starts to talk. He strokes her long, black curly hair and listens about her stories and things. She occasionally plays with his sunkissed, brown hair. They stop talking as soon as Gibbs's name comes up.
"I miss him," says Ziva. " How have we survived with him gone for--what has it been--2 months?"
"It's been 2 months, 1 week and 3 days, Ziva--but I'll admit I miss that head slap, so full of Gibbness, the kind of 'Hey you screwed up but I still like ya' kind of thing,"says Tony. "I'm hungry again--can I order a pizza?"
"Yeah--phones over there--phonebook is--"say's Ziva.
"I know the number by heart! 555-0123 for Anthony's Pizza!"says Tony.
"Should have known...," says Ziva.
"Yes I'd like a medium"--Ziva waves to Tony--"no large supreme pizza with cinnasticks Anthony,"says Tony. "344 Riverwood Drive--no Anthony I'm at a friend's house. Haha--yes a woman--Ziva David actually--I'm not telling you her bra size,"says Tony.
Ziva snatches the phone and says ," Excuse me sir--just deliver the pizza--yes I'm serious--I'm not telling you--what the--cause he's decent--thank you--bye."
"Men...so rude,"says Ziva.
Tony just smirks.
"You know if Gibbs would walk in right now--I'd be dead--grave dead," says Tony.
"Something with Kate Todd?" asks Ziva.
"No--Kate was into Gibbs I think--but he said as one of my first rules upon meeting Kate that I was not to date women at work--don't really know why. Maybe he wanted Kate all to himself." says Tony.
"Well, Gibbs isn't here and we are alone"--Ziva kisses Tony--"what's stopping us?"
"I still respect Gibbs's rules"--Tony kisses Ziva--"but I might make an exception."
"I got it Tony." says Ziva.
Wow...Ziva's a great kisser...play it slow Tony...thinks Tony.
I am in control...not bad at kissing...we'll see after this pizza...what?...oh man...Tonys dead...thinks Ziva.
"Umm Tony...I think you need to look at this,"says Ziva.
"Okay....."--Tony hops over the couch, looks through the peephole, and is absolutely stunned--"....oh crap."says Tony.
"Yeah--,"says Ziva.
Through the peephole is what appears to be Gibbs in his blue jacket.
[phoof on Gibbs]
[NCIS themesong]

Monday, August 07, 2006

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